Stop Motion Clip!

Some time ago, I created in a team of two a stop motion clip for a computer animation class.

Watch the short

This project was done by Felix Lauer and myself. The goal was to create an entertaining clip with elements of slapstick. Three colored putty characters with individual personalities and ways of interacting with each other frequently change their shapes during the animation. Eventually they become the Bauhaus-symbols. The film is styled as a silent film, this means it has elements of slapstick, the movement is a bit faster than in reality and piano sound is used to support the action.

It features 927 frames shot with a Canon EOS 450d and the single shots were post-processed and combined to a video clip in Blender. We added slight post-processing effects such as vignette and brightness flickering.

Behind the scenes

Below you will find some photos taken at “our set” and a screen shot of Blender which we used for post-processing. The high depth of the scene which was necessary for the depth-of-field effect, is especially visible in the second image.

The putty characters had been re-modelled quite frequently. 42 eyes were used throughout the entire production.
The stage (a tabled covered with paper) is quite long for we wanted to achieve an intense depth-of-field-effect.
The camera was placed quite far away.
Editing and post-processing was done in Blender.


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