Gnome-Pie 0.7.3!

This is only a minor maintenance update with not much new content. It implements some fixes to the build system so that Gnome-Pie can be built with more recent Vala compilers.

The initial version of Gnome-Pie was released about ten years ago! Now it is merely in low maintenance mode as I am focusing on Fly-Pie, its successor project.

Complete changelog

  • Improvement: Updated Italian translation (thank you, Albano Battistella).
  • Improvement: Updated Dutch translation (thank you, Heimen Stoffels).
  • Improvement: Gnome-Pie now uses window type dialog which should render it above other full screen windows.
  • Bugfix: Bamf is not required on Wayland anymore.
  • Bugfix: Fix compiler error on newer Vala compilers.


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