Fly-Pie 7 Released!

Fly-Pie 7 has been released with support for GNOME Shell 40+ and a completely rewritten menu editor!

Why a new Menu Editor?

Porting most parts of Fly-Pie to GNOME Shell 40 was easy. However, serious issues arose when I tried to port the preferences dialog to GTK4. Due to a bug in GTK4, drag’n’drop in the GtkTreeView is currently broken. Apparently, this will not get fixed anytime soon as the GtkTreeView is considered more or less deprecated. Therefore, I decided to completely rewrite the menu editor. It does not use a GtkTreeView any more, but a custom container widget.

To celebrate this, I created a video clip:

The list below contains the complete change set for this new version.

New Features

  • Port to GNOME 40+: Fly-Pie 7 has been tested on Fedora 34 and Fedora 35 which use GNOME Shell 40 and GNOME Shell 41.beta respectively.
    • Due to the massive changes to the codebase, this version is not compatible with GNOME 3.3x.
    • GNOME 40 makes some previously required workarounds to remove visual artifacts obsolete. This improves menu performance significantly!
  • WYSIWYG Menu Editor: Due to this bug, the old TreeView-based menu editor did not work under Gtk4. Therefore I choose to create a new menu editor from scratch!
    • The menu items in the new editor are arranged in a circle, exactly in the same directions as they will show up in the real menu.
    • The new menu editor fully supports drag and drop: You can reorder items, copy items (at least on Wayland, see this bug), and drop things from outside into the menu editor.
    • To simplify moving menu items around, there is a Stash Area at the bottom of the menu editor. You can drop menu items there and re-use them later.
    • The preferences dialog opens much faster on Gtk4 than it did on Gtk3. Thank you, GNOME devs!

Other Enhancements

  • A warning will now be shown when the user imports a corrupt menu configuration.
  • The default menu has been tweaked to be useful with horizontal workspaces.
  • The Custom Menu now uses a pencil as icon to emphasize that it’s editable.
  • The documentation for translators has been improved significantly. For instance, there are now screenshots available at Weblate for most strings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Orchis theme. There were some issues with the center item cropping.
  • Symbolic icons are now colored correctly in the menu editor.


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