Fly-Pie 2 Released!

I have just released a new version of Fly-Pie featuring an interactive tutorial!

What is Fly-Pie?

Fly-Pie is a new marking menu for GNOME Shell which can be used to launch applications, simulate hotkeys, open URLs and much more. If you haven’t already, you can watch the trailer below. You can download Fly-Pie from

What is new in Version 2?

New Features

  • An interactive tutorial has been added. This tutorial can be accessed via the settings dialog of Fly-Pie.
  • The settings dialog now remembers the last open settings page. When re-opened, it will show the page which was visible when the settings dialog was closed last time.
  • metadata.json now lists Gnome Shell version 3.36 as opposed to 3.36.2. I believe it’s sufficient to list major and minor version numbers only.
  • The of Fly-Pie now uses dynamic badges to show the lines of code and percentage of comments.
  • A changelog has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • The D-Bus signals OnCancel and OnSelect now return the correct menu ID.
  • flush()is now called on the D-Bus object before unexporting as suggested by andyholmes on


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