Gnome-Pie 0.6.9!

Some minor things have been changed since the last release of Gnome-Pie, so it was time to release a new version!

Complete changelog

  • New Feature: Added the possibility to assign hotkeys to combinations of mouse buttons and modifier keys. It’s now possible to open Pies with combinations such as Ctrl-RightButton.
  • Improvement: The library “bamf” (which is used for matching icons to applications by the window-list slice-group) has been made an optional dependency. On systems where bamf is not available, it’s still possible to use Gnome-Pie. In most cases the icons chosen without bamf will be the same anyway.
  • Improvement: The clock’s fingers of the Simple Clock theme do not disappear fully when a slice is active.
  • Improvement: The preferences window now has the Gnome-Pie icon when it is present in the user’s icon theme.
  • Improvement: Several translations have been updated.
  • Bugfix: Improved modifier key managment. Activating a hotkey with a Slice is now possible even if the user holds down a modifier which is not part of the hotkey. Until now, when a user clicked on a Slice which simulates Ctrl-Z the desired action was not triggered when the user held the Alt while clicking. Doing this is possible now.
  • Bugfix: Turbo mode works quite reliably again. There were certain conditions under which the turbo mode would not work as expected. Hopefully, most of the issues are fixed now.

Furthermore, Gnome-Pie’s PPA provides packages for Xenial and Yakkety now (in addition to Wily, Vivid and Trusty).

Where do I get it?

Simply use one of the links below to learn more about Gnome-Pie and to get involved in this project!


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