Gnome-Pie 0.6.8!

There was a nasty bug in Gnome-Pie 0.6.7 so I decided to quickly release a new version! And we’ve got an awesome new feature!

Clock themes

Yes. You heard right: Clock themes! Thanks to the suggestion by Marc-Antoine it’s now possible to create themes which have an analogue clock in their center. Here’s another example (you can actually read the time from the colorful dots):

The Space Clock theme.

Furthermore two new buttons arrived in the settings window. One which opens a file browser at the location where your current theme is stored and another which reloads all your themes. The latter is quite awesome when you’re developing a new theme: Simply change a value or a graphic, press reload and check the result!

I’m looking forward to many community-created themes! The two included clock themes are just some basic ideas. I’m sure that you’ll come up with something better! Soon there will be section on this homepage where you can download community-created themes. Have fun!

Complete changelog:

  • New Feature: Center layers in themes support now four new rotation modes: turn_to_second, turn_to_minute, turn_to_hour_12 and turn_to_hour_24.
  • New Feature: New theme: Simple Clock.
  • New Feature: New theme: Space Clock.
  • New Feature: It’s now possible to reload all themes with a button in the settings menu.
  • New Feature: It’s now possible to open a file browser at the location of the currently selected theme with a button in the settings menu.
  • Bugfix: A bug has been fixed which caused the running instance of Gnome-Pie to open a pie when the settings menu was requested over the D-Bus (Thank you Marc-Antoine).

Where do I get it?

Simply use one of the links below to learn more about Gnome-Pie and to get involved in this project!


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