Gnome-Pie 0.6.7!

Gnome-Pie 0.6.7 has been released and it contains a new (experimental) Slice group: Clipboard! It remembers an adjustable amount of your last copied items and allows for pasting them.

The Clipboard Slice group

Simply add the new group to one of your Pies. You can select how many items shall be remembered. When you now copy something to you clipboard (e.g. with ctrl+c), a new item will appear in your Pie. Select this item to paste what you copied before. When the maximum history length is reached, the oldest entries will be discarded when new items arrive.

When you pasted something by activating an item, it will not only be pasted but also become the content of your clipboard. So any successive ctrl-v will paste your last selected item.

Currently it supports text and image data only.

Why is it “experimental”?

There are several reasons why I consider this Slice group “experimental”: On the one hand it contains a variable amount of items which makes it hard to use it quickly (same issue as with the Window List group). On the other hand it’s difficult to tell the entries apart. If you copied multiple texts and use a theme which does neither display a center description nor Slice labels you have no idea which item contains which text.

If you have an idea how to improve this Slice group, please share your vision!

Complete changelog

  • New Feature: The Clipboard group. It remembers an adjustable amount of your last copied items and allows for pasting them.
  • New Feature: It’s now possible to delete imported themes.
  • New Feature: Slices can be activated with the key pad’s return key (thank you, Gabriel Dubatti!).
  • New Feature: It’s now possible to load themes which are stored in a directory in an archive.
  • Update: The window list groups have been merged into one group. This new group has an option whether to show windows of the current workspace only.
  • Update: The default configuration of Gnome-Pie contains a Pie with a Window List group now.
  • Update: The default configuration hides Slice labels now.
  • Update: Translation updates for Spanish locale (thank you, Gabriel Dubatti!). Please feel free to contribute to the translation into your language!
  • Update: Translation updates for French locale (thank you, Raphaël Rochet!).
  • Update: Translation updates for Lithuanian locale (thank you, Moo!).
  • Update: Translation updates for German locale.
  • Bugfix: The response time when opening Pies over the D-Bus (e.g. with gnome-pie --open ID) has been reduced a lot.

Where do I get it?

Simply use one of the links below to learn more about Gnome-Pie and to get involved in this project!


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