Gnome-Pie 0.5.4!

A new release of Gnome-Pie was sent into the wild! There were some little improvements and bug fixes, but nothing with extraordinary impact.

Complete changelog

  • Update Statistics are not tracked anymore and new users wont be questioned to send the statistics file. I got files by more than 150 users and was able to write a successful Bachelor thesis.
  • New Feature A Bulgarian translation has been added. Thanks to Martin Dinov!
  • New Feature A Chinese translation has been added. Thanks to Ting Zhou!
  • New Feature It’s now possible to drag and drop Slices between Pies in the configuration window.
  • Bugfix It’s now possible to bind Pies to hot keys containing the Super-key (normally referred to as the Windows-key)
  • Bugfix A possible segmentation fault on start-up has been fixed.
  • Ubuntu 12.10 PPA support.

In the meantime I started working on a new project, which will change Gnome-Pie dramatically. It’s called OpenPie and you’ll hear about it soon…

Until then… stay tuned!


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