Help baking pies!

Now I’m sure: I’m going to write my Bachelor thesis on pie menus! But I need your help!

So please read on…


I’ll evaluate many existing implementations in order to figure out why pie menus aren’t ubiquitous on today’s desktops. Having done this, I’m going to present a pie menu design which is capable of being used as a complete menu replacement — if that’s possible. Hopefully Gnome-Pie will be improved in many ways by these results…

I need some information on how you use Gnome-Pie. All the necessary data is already saved by Gnome-Pie in a log file. All I ask you is to send this file to me!

So please send the file (located in your home directory in ~/.config/gnome-pie/gnome-pie.stats) by email with the subject “statistics” to!

There is no personal information in this file. Only information on your usage frequency, how fast you use Gnome-Pie and how many Pies with how many Slices you have configured.

If you have any questions regarding this topic please use the comment form below or send an email to!

Thank you so much! It's going to be exciting!


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